The 2010 Track & Field season is now well under way for Horwich RMI Harriers, with 3 meetings held over the weekend at Wigan, Warringtonand Trafford. There were plenty of Personal Bests, Club Records and Medals won!

Starting with the Primary League held at Wiganon Friday 16th April, Horwich Harriers turned out 20 young Athletes to take part in this annual event, supported by Chorley Harriers and against Wigan Harriers.

There were some fantastic races and performances on the night, including 2 new young high jumpers, Penny Townsend, on her debut, who won the Yr 2-4 Girls category with a new Club Record of 0.95m and Mackenzie Dacre winning the Yr 2-4 Boys event. Isobel Dean won the triple with Soft Javelin, 75m and 600m.

For the Yr 5&6 Girls, there were great runs from Emily Shelmerdine and Alana McClarence. Whilst for the Boys Yr 5& 6, there was a lightning run from Troy Cross, who won the 75m sprint at 10.90s and the Shot was won by James Yearn with a tremendous putt of 6.34m.

On Saturday 17th April, several Horwich Harriers turned out at “sunny” Warringtonand won a few medals. Notable performances were made by Zac, Joseph and Phoebe Howe in the 1500m. All of them achieving personal bests and/or winning medals, with Phoebe breaking the club record with a time of 5m14.40s for the Under 13 girls.

Natassia Dacrewon the Under 15’s Girls Javelin with a throw of 22.22m, whilst Mackenzie Dacre came 2nd in the Under 11 Boys Cricket Ball throw.

There were also great performances made by Ellie Twist and Shannon McClarence on the Track.

Finally, at Trafford, Manchesteron the Sunday 18th April, an open meeting was held, where Nathan Townsend turned out with a fantastic run over 800m and a great Long Jump of 3.87m for the Under 13 Boys.

Full results as follows:-

WiganPrimary League Meeting 1 – 16th April 2010

Yr2-4 Girls

Isobel Dean                  75m                 12.20s

                                    600m               2m13.40s

                                    Soft Javelin       7.39m

Ella Price                      600m               2m19.9s

                                    Soft Javelin       5.67m

Penny Townsend          75m                 14.20s

                                    600m               2m41.90s

                                    High Jump        0.95m

Esme Critchley          75m                 15.30s

                                    Soft Javelin       4.78m

 Caitlin Howcroft           600m               2m49.90s

  Yr 2-4 Boys

 James Keating              75m                 12.80s

                                    600m               2m24.60s

                                    Soft Javelin       10.03m

 Sam Twist                    75m                 13.0s

                                    600m               2m28.5s

                                    Soft Javelin       5.60m

 Dominic Braund            75m                 13.2s

                                    High Jump        0.80m

                                    Soft Javelin       8.05m

 Mackenzie Dacre         High Jump        0.97m

                                    Soft Javelin       8.69m


Yr 5-6 Girls


Emily Shelmerdine        75m                 11.6s

                                    600m               2m04.5s

                                    Long Jump       3.52m


Alana McClarence        75m                 11.7s

                                    600m               2m16.1s

                                    Long Jump       3.03m


Ellie Dacre                    75m                 12.4s

                                    600m               2m30.4s

                                    Long Jump       2.90m


Lauren Halsall               75m                 12.4s

                                    600m               2m38.4s

                                    Long Jump       2.32m

                                    Shot putt          4.55m


Shannon McClarence   75m                 12.6s

                                    600m               2m16.6s

                                    Long Jump       2.62m




Ellie Twist                     75m                 13.4s

                                    600m               2m38.1s

                                    Long Jump       2.74m


Yr 5-6 Boys


Troy Cross                   75m                 10.9s

                                    600m               2m17.9s

                                    Long Jump       3.35m


James Yearn                 75m                 11.2s

                                    600m               2m08.8s

                                    Long Jump       3.26m

                                    Shot Putt          6.34m


Matthew Smith75m                 11.2s

                                    Shot Putt          4.33m


William Hart                 75m                 11.3s

                                    600m               2m07.5s

                                    Long Jump       3.16m 

                                    Shot Putt          4.61m


Matthew Stocks           75m                 11.8s

                                    Long Jump       3.19m

                                    Shot Putt          5.22m



WarringtonOpen Medal Meeting – 17th April 2010


Under 11 Girls


Ellie Twist                     75m                 13.6s

                                    150m               28.0s

                                    Long Jump       2.88m


Shannon McClarence   75m                 12.6s

                                    600m               2m24.6s

                                    Long Jump       2.46m


Under 11 Boys


Mackenzie Dacre         600m               2m23.1s

                                    Cricket Ball      23.38m


Under 13 Girls


Alana McClarence        75m                 12.2s

                                    150m               24.5s

                                    Long Jump       3.15m


Phoebe Howe              1500m             5m14.4s



Under 15 Girls


Natassia DacreJavelin              22.22m


Under 15 Boys


Joseph Howe               1500m             4m52.6s


Under 17 Boys


Zac Howe                    1500m             4m28.9s



Trafford Open – 18th April 2010


Under 13 Boys


Nathan Townsend        800m               2m32.2s

                                    Long Jump       3.87m




















Mark Dacre

Horwich RMI Harriers & AC