Tuesday Social Group

Tuesday Informal Runner Group
The group meets at 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday each week. During summer, the group meets in Rivington close to the lower barn where the runs are generally on trail. Late Autumn through to early spring the group moves to Horwich leisure centre where the runs are generally road based.
We cater for all abilities and nobody will be left behind. However, if you are unsure of your ability it is recommended that you initially attend the Tuesday session before coming to the Thursday session.
Tuesday’s session is efforts/interval based training, either up hills with jog recovery returns or interval/fartleks along generally flat lengths of road or trail. Everyone is encouraged to run at their maximum potential but the training is tailored to suit everyones ability. The total distance covered during the 1 hour session varies between 5k and 8k. 
If you want further information please contact Andrew Storey at andrew.storey4@gmail.com