Thursday Senior Hill Session

Hill Training

There are specific hill training sessions throughout the year held for senior athletes on Thursdays.  All the information you require to attend these sessions is on the leaflet below.

Thursday Hills


Why Hill Train?

 Most of the races Horwich RMI Harriers do are hilly so why not train over your competition terrain.  Hill work can help with an athletes overall strength.  It will also help with developing a stronger cardio vascular system. Long hill running eg.fells, is best achieved by a combination of a strong well developed aerobic base and a well established rhythmic running style.  If hill work is short and fast it helps to develop  a better running economy or technique.  It promotes a powerful backward arm drive, a slightly higher knee lift and a stronger core area. Running both uphill and downhill promotes more powerful concentric and eccentric muscle actions, thereby helping the overall running style