2022 Senior Club Champs

Senior Club Road Champs 2022

Your best 6 results from up to 12 races. (Double points for the last race the Ribble 10K)

Lostock 6                                    27th February 

Bolton 5K                                   20th March

Trotters 5 Mile                           3rd April

Haigh Hall Trail                         8th June

Radcliffe 5K                                 TBC

Horwich Jubilee                         20th July

Ramsbottom Mile                      9th August

Pennington Flash 5m trail       28th August

Blackleach Trail                         11th September 

Swinton Road Race                   25th September 

Gin Pit 5                                       23rd October

Ribble Valley 10k                        TBC


Senior Club Fell Champs 2022

Your best 6 results from up to 12 races.
(Men must inc. at least one S,M & L category race.  Women one S and two M category races.)

Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round              5th March

Wardle Skyline                                         9th April

Rivington Pike                                        16th April

Guisborough 3 Tops                              30th April

Lower Borrowdale Skyline                   21st May

Leo Pollard Memorial                            2nd June

Buckden Pike                                          18th June

Beater Clough                                         12th July

Old Crown Round                                  23rd July

Bradwell                                                  13th August

Thieveley Pike                                       24th September

Langdale Horseshoe                             8th October


Senior Club Overall Champs 2022

Best 7 from 12 with at least 1 from each of Fell, Road and XC.

Road : Haigh Hall Trail, Horwich Jubilee (20/7/22), Pennington Flash 5m, Blackleach Trail Race.

Fell : Rivington Pike, Leo Pollard Memorial, Aggies Staircase, Thieveley Pike.

XC : Any 4 from (MACCL)