Martyn Bell – Training w/c 26th

Martyn Bell – Training w/c 26th November
3rd of 4 week cycle.

Monday 26th

7am: In work early as pressing at work with a tender

1.20 pm: 5 miles @ 7 min miling (64 foc) – nice easy recovery run to get legs going for the week

Tuesday 27th

7am: Rest – again in work early as pressing deadline at work

12.50 pm: 5 miles @ 6m 57 avg miling (72 foc) – as yesterday – just mentally needing a slight recovery and looking forward to a harder longer run tomorrow.

* kids gone to bed and worked 8pm till 2am on a tender. Didn’t sleep that well !

Wednesday 28th

Am: Rest – up at 5am (3 hours crap sleep) doing some work on my laptop ( tender deadline) before kids got up and did the school run today – feel very tired. Working at home so made myself get some fresh air and wanted to hit my planned long run as next Sunday morning may not get that opportunity with going out with the lads

12pm: 14 miles completed @ 6m 15 pace (average) – 696 foc – surprisingly felt very good and positive. Couldn’t believe it !

Thursday 29th

7am: 6.26 miles (490 foc) – nice easy recovery run but ran a middle mile in “5m 06 secs” to keep the “memory” cells ticking over and ended with 4 x 1 00m strides. Cold outside ! Shattered.

12.20Pm: 5.20 miles recovery run @ 8 min miling – felt tired so happy to ease up. Shattered.

Rubbish sleep – my son up again in the night with nightmares so whole house up !

Friday 30th

7Am: could easily of not gone out but did (had my kit all downstairs ready) and ran 6 miles at 7m 44 miling (average) – 408 foc – felt like an old man !

1.20pm: 3 Mile test @ 7 min miling — completed deadline at work so managed to get a lunchtime run and ran on the treadmill to test my heart rate at 7 min/miling – ran 5 miles in total @ 7m 30 miling (average) – will retest this in 4 weeks to look for some reduction in my heart rate – wasted test as tired from poor sleep / work.

Saturday 1st Dec

7am: 7.5 miles (551 foc) @ bang on 7 min miling – tough conditions outside with ice and cold. Felt drained !

6.45Pm: Lynne back from work and within 30 secs was out running – now or never !
No warmup and straight into a planned 3 mile Threshold pace – ran 5m 25 miling (average) – felt fantastic but tense as very icy + cold outside. Clocked 6.21 miles in total (442 foc) @ 6 m 43 miling overall average pace – really felt superb on this run….

Sunday 2nd

8.20 am: Long run – stayed over night at Dave Jacksons (also with Gareth Booth snoring in next room) – didn’t sleep that well as went to bed on a belly full of curry + beer as some of the Horwich lads had got together last night for a catch up……

Myself, Ali + Gareth set off for our 15 miler (590 foc) and very cold indeed – kept a fairly uneven pace for first 5-6 miles before settling down through 10 miles in 68 mins and last 4 miles at sub 6 min miling (5m 43 last mile) – Ali running strong and fantastic to see him running strong despite lots of time out in the last 12 months and having a tough week at home with Karens Op !

Average pace – 6m 42 miling. Felt great and now confident I can do this distance as its been something I’ve neglected my long runs in the past

PM: rested

Total for week: 74.92 miles (3380 foc)
Total Training Time: 8hrs: 44 mins: 32 secs
Total week TSS points: 621


A good steady 3 weeks done and next week is week 4 of 4 in my cycle – so that’s means a “recovery” week and my target will be based on achieving 50% of TSS points for last 3 weeks average – 600+ 603+ 621 = 1824 divide by 3 = 608 and divide by 2 = 304

Objectives for the week – to retest my Functional Threshold pace (pace I can hold for 1 hour) and will dictate my training paces for the next training cycle and hopefully I will compete in the Mid lancs XC at Kendal next Saturday ( I will be 44 years old on 8th Dec !) subject to getting babysitters.

Looking forward to a reduced workload and need to be really recovered to handle the intensity to progress my fitness rather than just maintain fitness !