Martyn Bell – Training w/c 19th November

Martyn Bell – Training w/c 19th November

2nd week of 4 week cycle.

This week continues aerobic training covering all paces with the sole aim to follow no structured plan until mid – December where I will kick into a more progressive build in my aerobic base – going to set some goals within the next week to aim for in 2013. This will allow me to train hard when it matters but also have easy periods.

I am in “ticking over” mode at the moment and at least starting from a higher fitness base than 12 months ago whilst doing only 20-25 miles per week !

I aim to build up to 15 hours per week of training from a combination of running and cycling ( have some motivation to compete in duathlons) but also race well at 5k-10k.

Each morning I still continue to use 2 tools that ensure I am full recovered from my sessions as have no reason to train hard at the moment…..its all about base miles.

My “restwise” (hitting scores of 80+ % ) and “TSB” scores ( in a positive number) are looking good and provide evidence that my training is “maintaining” fitness (which is what I want) rather than looking for any training stress at this time. Because I am training sensibly I can recovery almost instantly and keep the miles / training time progressing.

Monday 19th

Am: Rest

1pm: 7 miles total of which did a “5 mile” block at a good constant averaging 5m 45 miling – did 3 out 5 miles at 5m 38/9 pace but quite windy in sections and some climb making it slower on other 2 miles – warm down 2 miles at 7m 15 miling

Tuesday 20th

7am: 6 miles – average pace overall was 7 min/miling – put in a cheeky 1 mile midway through at just under 10k pace (5m 07 secs) just to remind the body about that pace (408 foc)

12.30pm: 6.07 miles – average pace 6m 52 miling – kept a good constant pace (146 foc)

Wednesday 21st

6.20am earlier start than normal as Lynne working today so had to be back for 7.30am to get kids ready for school

Wet and dark so couldn’t see Garmin watch for pacing very well so having to rely on instincts again …ran 9.38 miles at average pace of 6m 47 miling (462 foc).
Included within this a 5 mile block at 6 min miling.

Pm: Rest

Thursday 22nd

Checked my pulse rate with my pulse oximeter and “36” showing great recovery and confidence to keep training.

7.10am: 7.5 miles total – average pace 6m 10 miling (565 foc) – ran last 2 miles at 10k pace to keep calibrated (5m 13 & 5m 12) so good pace judgement.

Pm: Rest

Friday 23rd

Measured my pulse rate and SPO2 reading ( and score was fine, coupled with my TSB score (+ 5.3 reading) suggesting I’m fully recovered so happy to keep intensity at mid to higher end of aerobic pace.

7.30am: 5.44 miles (289 foc) including 2 x 1 mile at 10k pace, 60 secs recovery (5m 10.8 & 5m 11.2 ) ** not set any 10k times yet to aim for so running “blind” at the moment on pace – would estimate before I do a test / race that its more in the region of 5m 20 miling.

Pm: easy steady – ran 4.91 miles (373 foc) average pace 6m 53 miling – felt great and fully recovered ……..just to bulk up miles slightly and hit my “Friday” target of 50 miles for close of play – this gives me a nice base to easily hit my 70 target for the week.

Saturday 24th

7.15 am: 8.45 miles total – including 3 mile TT at 10k pace – not done testing to work out what my current 10k pace actually is so opted for something between 5k and 10 k pace – ran 3 miles at an average of 5m 07 miling which given time of day and a bottle of wine the night before was very encouraging.

Pm: Rested

Sunday 25th

Restwise & TSB score both excellent so decided to do slightly longer run than last week and faster today keeping intensity constant – ran strong + confident around the tough undulating lanes round Silverdale / Arnside.

8am: 15.75 miles (896 foc) – ran average of 6m 29 m/miling

PM: rested


My WKO charts are showing my last 2 weeks have produced almost identical training stresses (600 & 603 TSS points scored) meaning despite knocking out circa 70 miles per week is actually only “maintaining” my fitness so no real progression made in terms of fitness gains.

The plus side is that by training aerobically I am recovering very well from all my sessions and just need to focus on my volume a little more and start with introducing my Turbo sessions in the garage to keep the impact down on the joints and bulk up my training time.

Got some “functional Threshold “ testing to do in 2 week time (week 4 of this cycle) which will also be a “recovery week” and give me an opportunity to be tested formally at Mercury Performance Coaching lab for the bike and my running and this will set the scene for my training for the next 4-6 weeks.

Total for week: 70.50 miles vs last week 72.03 miles
Total Training Time: 7hrs 52 mins 15 secs vs last week 8hrs: 26 mins: 21 secs
Total TSS points: 600 vs 603
TSB : +6 vs +8.1