Martyn Bell – Training w/c 3rd

Martyn Bell – Training w/c 3rd December
4th of 4 week cycle.

Monday 3rd

Complete rest day

Tuesday 4th

Complete rest day

Wednesday 5th

1pm: Functional Threshold Test (best pace for 1 hour)

Current pace: 5m 25 min/mi

I can work my zones out from this and retest in 4 weeks time to check for progression.

Thursday 6th

Pm: easy 4 miles recovery run on the treadmill – average pace 7m 30 min /mi

Friday 7th

Pm: 6 miles easy run – included a 2 /1 /1 minute burst (4m 45 pace) to get the system rebooted for tomorrows race

Saturday 8th

44 today !

Am: no warm up run – lazy and should have got out for my normal 4-5 mile run with some strides especially on a “recovery week” !

Race: Mid Lancs XC – Kendal

Got a good warm up with some strides and got into my stride well on the first lap of 4. Ran conservatively and with my main goal to keep my pacing consistent which was achieved. Finished the race knowing I could have kept another 1-2 laps going so getting stronger but lacking speed but that will come around March when I need it for some key races.

Sunday 9th

Complete rest day – slightly hung over and just felt the need for a rest so did.

Total for week: miles – 28.63
Total Training Time: 3hrs: 18mins: 10 secs
Total week TSS points: 308 Target vs 239 achieved !


I have mapped out my races for the next 12 months and they focus around the major vets championships – its quite motivating to have the races in the diary and to see how the shape of the next 12 months looks like.

I have also changed my 4 week training cycle to a 3 week cycle to see how that works out as I have quite a long build up period and want to take my time. I like the idea of working very hard for 2 weeks and then having a recovery week to get fully rested and recharged.

Got some base line data and can currently hold in 5m 25 min /mi shape for 1 hour – I have lost some fitness in the last 4 weeks so encouraging to start with some decent pace as I start my training tomorrow. I am running very fresh at the moment so looking forward to the Lancashire Vets Xc champs on January 5th in 4 weeks time where I will expect a good performance.