Gareth Booth: Training w/c 29.10.12

Last week training – WE 04.11.12

Monday – Took day off. Spent 30mins evaluating last 4 weeks training to see whats happened recently causing my recent injuries. Result!!! I need a new pair of trainers.

Tue – Total 12miles. 8mile warm up at 7.30 pace then 2*1500m and 1*1200. Achilles flared back up so decided to cut session short with 400m warm down. Went home and placed ice on achilles.

Wed – 45min spinning to help recovery.

Thu – Day off. Not happy to have to do nothing with big race next week

Fri – Total 15mile. Lunch easy 6mile and PM 9mile. Traffic was bad after work so ran to save time and miss traffic

Sat – 12mile – Hospital run at pushed it with Ali and Dave up the hills. Average pace was 6.45 pace. Felt very good and achilles – no pain.

Sun – 13miles at 7.10 pace. Afternoon – decided to run extra 4mile at 7.30 pace. Felt quite good again but this is to be expected as my freshness is in a positive.

Overall – I seem to have gone astray recently and not been doing enough aerobic work – heart rate below 125/min to build my engine up gradually using the mercury coaching methods. Back to basics for a few weeks to aid recovery and also get me to the start line on Saturday in Belfast. Plan to introduce a few strides this week and ease back from Wednesday..

56mile running
45mins Spinning.