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Training – Gareth Booth

To give you a further insight into my principles and approaches, I am closely involved with Martyn and his dad at mercurycoaching, using to monitor and build on my training.
In comparison to Martyn, I have tried to build on a 3 week hard cycle and 1 week easy which seems to work well for me but its fitting in what works well for you! We are all different and what works for me, may not work for you so its finding what makes you tick! Not what makes other runners tick…Think that something that earlier in my running, I simply tried to adopt some of A and some of B runner without sticking to a certain path. Lesson to be learnt there for some of you.
Unfortunately, my graph shows a different story of progression and injuries along with a current spell of maintaining my training to get me to the start line in some form of shape
You will notice that at the end of May, the blue line (Chronic Training Load) is my fitness and showed I was in very good shape but unfortunately after a walking trip to Scotland the niggles set in!!! Reason – fatigue. You will notice the large spike showing that I increased my training too quickly resulting in the yellow line – Training stress balance going into a very large negative.

How are these score calculated?
It’s the same 100 points per hr at my threshold pace ( That’s 5.40 pace for me at the moment) as yours BUT you need to test yourself every few weeks and change your pace accordingly. Using Garmin Connect, these files are transferred and the system works it out for you. More info here:-

In most instances, the graph can tell a story to anyone who is fully training on this and aid your training in the future. My experiences, ensure that I tend to get onto the race line feeling fresh with the help of technology and the experiences of mercurycoaching. If you want to talk about this more, please feel free to contact me.