Alastair Murray: Training w/c 29.10.12

Alastair Murray: Training w/c 29.10.12

p.m. 6 miles. Adlington and back on roads. Felt ok. Time 40:18. Pace 6:47. 342 FOC. Stretched.
Strength work.

a.m. 4 miles. 2 lads and pike. Badly twisted ankle coming off 2 lads. Continued to run to try and run it off. Just got more painful. 936 FOC. Stretched.
RICEd ankle for rest of day and 48 hours rest.

Day off – ankle rehab and rest.

Ankle feeling unbelievably better than 48 hours ago. Decided to test it on turbo and do hills if no reaction.
Lunch. 30 mins turbo. Just spinning to test ankle and get blood flowing.
p.m. Hills. Just testing ankle but no reaction so completed session. 0.5 mile WU. 3x half foxholes + 1 georges loop + 3 x arcon plus georges reversed. Feeling stronger as progressed and finished running very well. 8 miles. 1360 FOC. Time 1:06:27. 0.5 mile WD and stretch.
Continued ankle rehab.

No reaction in ankle. Continue to rehab for a few days, but return to normal training.
a.m. 30 mins turbo. Just spinning and getting legs moving.
p.m. 6 miles. Adlington and back. Ran well in terrible conditions. Felt good. Time 38:17. Pace 6:38. 289 FOC. Stretched.
Strength work.

a.m. 12 miles. Hospital run with Gareth and Dave. Set a good pace and picked it up as we progressed. Felt good. Time 1:19:53. Pace 6:48. 724 FOC. Stretched.
Strength work.

a.m. 13 miles. ‘Flat’ road run with Garteh. Little toe a bit battered and painful, but otherwise felt okay for most of it. Time 1:34:47. Pace 7:13. 455 FOC. Stretched.
Strength work.

Weekly Total: – 50 miles + 1 hour turbo. 4100 FOC. 7 hours 7 minutes.

Another reasonable week considering. Handled ankle injury well.