David Jackson: Training w/c 29.10

WC Monday 29/10/12

Not expecting much for the next few days as I only got back from Holidays late Friday night and been feeling sluggish and tired all weekend so just going to take it day by day and just train how I feel each day. I Managed a few short runs while away but nothing much and I’m sure the beer and overindulgence will have cancelled out the good that might have done me…

Managed a few easy miles over the weekend in attempt to get myself going for the week ahead. Did 6.80 miles around Rivington trails tonight and tried a few strides to see how the legs might respond, my expectations were right and it felt like towing the QE2 out of Albert docs, slow, sluggish and generally just felt crap, couldn’t wait for the run to end.
Total 6.80 miles av pace 7.02 min/mile in 47.54

Thought I might be feeling better and more up for a good run today but nope, the body still thinks its on hols, felt tired at work all day even despite drowning myself with coffee. Decided to get on the bike as really didn’t feel like a run so in attempt to motivate myself to train I set the static bike in from of the tv in the conservatory and watched a good movie.
Total 90 mins bike av heart rate 105

Had some errands to do for work later last night after training and didn’t get in until late so took the morning off work. I wanted to train early so set my alarm for 7 but after a look out the window and saw the rubbish weather thought Id have another hour sleep as I wanted to get a good run in. Surely the legs must be starting to wake up, I was feeling much fresher and lighter than Id been over the last few days. Headed out towards Rivington with the aim of doing a good 10+ miles inc some 1 min efforts down by the resi where the jubilee race finishes. Half a mile into the run I realised I was in for a decent session so diverted towards the arena track, its 3 miles there and back so perfect for a warm up and down. Did 15×300 and felt really good, wasn’t sure how to pace the reps but went off feel and went out fairly hard and just about managed the 15 before collapsing in a heap of sweat, well pleased, just the run home now!!
Total 10 miles inc 15×300 in 50 49 47 50 50 49 49 53 48 51 53 51 49 and last but not least a 46! Then a hardish run home and its all uphill but was still full of running when I got to my front door, at last I feel like an athlete again, well pleased and ready for a big breakfast for sure. Garmin link here http://connect.garmin.com/activity/238833641

Woke feeling really good this morning so did a quick hour on the static bike before heading out to meetings with Dad. Back home for just after 3pm. The rain was clearing the sun had just managed to get through, it looked like were in for a nice evening so down went an espresso form the new coffee machine and on went the mudclaws. Enjoyed a nice, mostly easy run over Winter Hill passing Rivi school, Barn, Pigeon tower, Belmont rd, Trig Point, Mast, Two Lads, Pike, Barn, Rivi school and back and home. Very wet and slippery under foot especially on the climbs up Trig point and the Pike. Didn’t take long till the shoes were full of freezing cold water. I noticed snow had started to gather on the long grass n tussocks near the mast, temps must have been close to zero even though the low sun was blinding as I headed westwards back towards Two Lads. Another good day in the bank and pleased how the week is turning out.
Total…10.22 miles, av pace 8.17min/mile, 1hour 24mins, and 1687ft accent
60 mins bike am
Garmin link http://connect.garmin.com/activity/239170976

Busy day at work and calves feeling pretty tight so just did 90 mins on the static bike with 10x 2 min on 2 min off intervals working the heart rate from 100-150 on the efforts.
Total…90 min bike

7am…Ali, Gareth and myself ran from mine down to Horwich to join onto the old 11 mile Hospital Run which is run annually as a friendly club race every Christmas. We ran along Chorley New Rd towards Bolton and for the first 6/7 miles we averaged about 6.15/30 pace, a bit quicker than I was in the mood for but just plodded on expecting to wake up by the time we got to the turn back and started the long steady climb back up Chorley Old Rd and back to Horwich. Well into the climb up Chorley Old rd and as in the Hospital run, the effort and pace quickened, though at first I felt comfortable as I always do on long climbs, it was not long before the lads passed me and I had little more to give. Don’t know why but my heart rate was unusually high and I felt terrible with no strength whatsoever so just plodded on as the lads pulled 100 yds ahead, maybe I’m starting with a bug or something. We met back up as we descended back into Horwich and back to mine. All in all another good 12 miles in the bank, it really felt tough today but just got it done.
Total…12.05 miles, 1 hour 21 mins, av pace .6.45 with 850 accent

Wanted an easy day today and no pressure so just went out a bit later am and did 10.5 very easy miles but with plenty climbs over the fells to Belmont and back
Total…10.50 miles, 2 hours, 2550 accent

Apart from a disappointing Saturdays run, its been a good solid first week back after the holidays and pretty pleased generally. Got a slight niggle in my left calf that needs watching.
Week Total…49.5 miles running and 4 hours bike = 11 hours 23 mins exercise total