Primary League Medal Meeting, Wigan

24 August 2007

Wigan Medal 2007


36 Medals were won by the young Horwich RMI Harrier Superstars at the final meeting held for the 2007 season for Year 2 to 6 Primary School ages. Wigan Harriers hosted the meeting and our Team turned out a fantastic 21 athletes on the night! We competed well against Wigan and Chorley.

The Harriers won 11 Golds, 11 Silvers and 14 Bronze Medals. In addition 7 new club records were set with a host of new personal bests!

Some of the highlights included 3 first places for our “Horwich Flyer”, Bethany Miller, (Year 5&6 group) who won the High Jump and both 75m & 150m Sprints. Not that far behind her was the ever improving Catriona Jarrett picking up 2nd places in the 75m & 150m sprints.

In Year 3&4 age group, Martha Gill continues to do well with 1st place in the 75m sprint and High Jump, with 2nd in Long Jump. Sophie Williams threw well and was joint 1st in the Shot Putt and 2nd in the Soft Javelin.

Year 2 Girls saw some new talent with Sally Burton who won the Long Jump and achieved a New Club Record with 2.61m for Under 9’s.

For the lads, George Burton won the 75m sprint in fine style. Horwich RMI Harriers dominated the 150m sprint race with 1st, 2nd & 3rd places, won impressively by Sam Mercer.

Year 2 saw a couple of winners from Horwich, Callum Gordon in the 75m sprint and Mackenzie Dacre in the Soft Javelin.

Trophies and Medals were presented by the young talented Athlete from Wigan & Great Britain, Hayley Jones. Thanks to Wigan Harriers for hosting such a super night!



Year 5 & 6

Bethany Miller

75m 10.60s 1st

150m 21.40s 1st

High Jump 1.15m 1st

Catriona Jarrett

75m 12.10s 2nd

150m 24.60s 2nd New Club Record U11

Shot Putt 3.58m

Natassia Dacre

600m 2m17.3s 3rd

Shot Putt 4.54m

Soft Javelin 8.81m

Year 3 & 4

Georgia Chadbond

Long Jump 2.79m

High Jump 0.80m

Katy Chadbond

75m 13.10s 3rd

600m 2m17.6s

Soft Javelin 5.88m 3rd

Martha Gill

75m 12.20s 1st

Long Jump 3.32m 2nd

High Jump 1.05m 1st

Eleanor Dacre

75m 14.60s

Long Jump 2.28m

High Jump 0.80m New Club Record U9

Amelia Atherton

150m 28.40s

High Jump 0.95m 3rd

Shot Putt 3.23m 3rd

Phoebe Howe

150m 27.20s

600m 2m17.6s

High Jump 0.80m New Club Record U9

Sophie Williams
600m 2m20.7s
Soft Javelin 9.05m 2nd
Shot Putt 4.03m =1st

Year 2

Sally Burton

75m 14.40s 3rd

150m 30.60s 3rd

Long Jump 2.61m 1st New Club Record U9


Year 5 & 6

Noah Saunders

75m 11.60s 3rd

150m 23.40s 2nd

Soft Javelin 9.05m

Matthew Harrison

150m 24.90s

Long Jump 3.26m

High Jump 1.00m 3rd

Joseph Howe

150m 27.20s

High Jump 1.05m 2nd New Club Record U11

Shot Putt 2.56m

Sam Mercer

150m 22.30s 1st New Club Record U13

600m 1m58.7s 3rd

Soft Javelin 11.52m 3rd

Matthew Dickenson

150m 23.40s 3rd

600m 2m01.8s

Long Jump 3.33m 3rd

George Burton

75m 11.20s 1st New Club Record U13

Shot Putt 6.60m 2nd

Soft Javelin 13.19m 2nd

Year 3 & 4

Jonah Saunders

75m 13.70s

Long Jump 2.70m 3rd

Soft Javelin 7.64m

Cameron Challands

75m 14.30s

150m 29.50s

Soft Javelin 8.64m

Year 2

Callum Gordon

75m 14.10s 1st

150m 28.70s 2nd

Long Jump 6.97m 2nd

Mackenzie Dacre

Long Jump 1.78m 2nd

Soft Javelin 6.97m 1st

M B Dacre

Horwich RMI Harriers