Primary League Meeting, Wigan

Round 4

17 August 2007

This was the 4th Meeting held for the 2007 season for Year 2 to 6 and our Team turned out a fantastic 14 athletes on the night! The night was dedicated to the Track Events and our stars continue to improve.

Congratulations to our young Harriers, as for the first time in 2 years, Horwich RMI Harriers beat Wigan! Another 6 new club records achieved too!



Year 5 & 6

Beth Miller

75m 10.80s

150m 22.10s

Catriona Jarrett

75m 11.90s

150m 25.00s

Natassia Dacre

75m 13.60s

150m 29.20s

600m 2m23.3s

Year 2,3 & 4

Georgia Chadbond

80m 14.90s

150m 27.50s

Katy Chadbond

80m 13.70s New Club Record U9’s

150m 26.80s

600m 2m19.2s

Martha Gill

80m 12.80s New Club Record U11’s

150m 26.20s

600m 2m16.7s

Sally Burton

80m 15.20s

150m 30.50s

Eleanor Dacre

80m 16.50s

150m 32.00s

600m 2m48.1s


Year 5 & 6

Noah Saunders

75m 11.70s

150m 24.90s

George Burton

75m 11.60s New Club Record U13’s

150m 23.50s New Club Record U13’s

600m 2m08.2s

Year 2,3 & 4

Jonah Saunders

80m 14.20s New Club Record U9’s

150m 28.10s

Luke Massey

80m 14.80s

150m 28.30s

600m 2m24.3s

Sam Lunt

80m 12.70s New Club Record U11’s

150m 24.30s

600m 2m05.90s

Sam Woolfall

80m 14.60s

150m 31.40s

M B Dacre

Horwich RMI Harriers