NORTHERN LEAGUE 5th May Trafford

NORTHERN LEAGUE 5th May Trafford

In the first Northern League meeting the team travelled to Trafford, we had a really strong team with 7 men and 8 women athletes competing. There were 4 U17’s boys, Noah Saunders, Nathan Walker, Nathan Townsend and James Lovell along with the senior athlete of the year Mike Houghton and 2 older guys Andy Storey and Trevor Williams.

The women also had a really strong team with Lucy Philpotts, Jodie Greenhalgh, Grace Shelmerdine, Tash Dacre, Lauren Banks and Sophie Williams, all U17’s Amy Philpotts, Beth Miller and Kelly Laughton.

Nathan Walker both ran the 100 and 200 metres, in 13.0 and 26.0 seconds, Noah came to run the 200 metres but didn’t manage to finish pulling up with an injury. Nathan Townsend doubled up again like the week before doing the 400 and 800 metres this time running 62.3 and knocking 9 seconds of his PB in the 800 with a great time of 2.08. James ran 12.3 in the 100 metres, 53.7 in the 400 metres and a good Long Jump.

Mike and Trevor both did the maximum 7 events, Mike coming 1st in the High Jump with a PB of 1.65, Trevor started the men’s day off with the Hammer and then the 400mHurdles, throwing a PB and club record in the Hammer with 19.11 and another PB and club record in the 400 Hurdles with a time of 83.1. He finished the day with another PB in the Javelin with 29.01 metres.

The men then teamed up for the 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 relays, Nathan Townsend, Andrew Storey, Trevor Williams and Mike Houghton ran with a time of 54.0 seconds. In the 400 Nathan Walker, Trevor Williams, Andrew Storey and James Lovell ran a decent time of 4.16.9.

Meanwhile the girls also had a fantastic day. Lauren and Beth both ran the 100 and 200 metres Lauren running 14.3 and 30.1 and Beth running 13.6 and 28.2. Grace did both the Long and Triple Jump, like the week before jumping 4.73 and getting another new PB of 10.10 respectively. She also got 1st in High Jump as the B athlete with 1.40cm.

Tash as she is known threw the Hammer Discus and Javelin with throws of 17.56, 17.72 and smashing her PB with a throw of 33.96 and coming 1st in the Javelin. Sophie started the day off running the 400 metre Hurdles, this was her first race at this distance she won the race in 88.6 even though she fell at the 8th hurdle. She also threw a PB in the Shot with 8.10cm and finished the day off like Tash by coming 1st as the B thrower in the Javelin with a throw of 27.46.

Amy and Lucy both ran the 400 metres, Amy ran a good 62.1 while Lucy was not far behind with 68.9, Lucy then ran the 800 metres in a time of 2.45. Jodie was down to run the 1500 andthrow the Shot and Discus, she ran an excellent 5.30 in the 1500 metres and threw 7.51 in Shot and a fantastic PB of 20.93 in the Discus.

The girls then had 2 teams in the relays like the men, Tash, Lauren, Kelly and Beth ran the 4 x 100 relay in a good time of 57.4 while Amy, Lucy, Jodie and Sophie ran a great 4 x 400 relay in 4.28.
The team finished a fantastic 2nd overall with 327 points.