David Jackson: Training w/c 05.11.12

Week Commencing Monday 5th Oct 2012

PM…Calves very tight and sore so just did a careful 1 mile warm up on the treadmill followed by 30 mins gentle stretching, massage and exercises.

Left calf still a little tight and the pain seems to be more up the side of the calf towards the back and sides of the knee
AM…45 mins bike
PM…Very easy 5 mile run @ 9 min/mile to test the injury, seemed completely fine once I got going so continued with caution, an easy jog to get the blood flowing through the sore muscles and aid recovery.
Total…45 min bike and 5 mile run

AM…Went to Horwich leisure centre, 45 mins x trainer followed by 1200m swim inc 2×400 and 2×200 its been a while since I last swam and I could tell, still managed the 400s in under 8.30s with a relaxed effort, worked hard on the 200s but it was busy and didn’t have time for any more so got out at that.
PM…another very easy run to test the injury, bit frustrated as having had a few easy days due to the niggle Im now climbing the walls in need of a hard run, had to resist and just did 6 very slow miles @ 8.45 pace, as yesterday no pain on the run whatsoever but still proceeded with much caution, its defiantly mending and with it not been a serious injury, I believe an easy jog aids recovery.
Total…45 min bike, 25 mins swim and 6 mile jog

Thursday…60 min bike

Did a very easy 5 mile run to test the left calf again but its still not right, only slight pain that seems worse on any inclines so stuck to the flat. Getting frustrated with it now. Massaged, iced and rest.
Total…5 mile run @ 8.45 pace


Sunday…Swim 2k inc 2×400 4×200 4×100 tough!! Rested injury, still not right.

Weeks Summary…
After a good return to full training last week, this week turned out to be a big disappointment, not sure of the cause, possibly the jump back up in training hours. Need to be careful for a few more days

Week total…17 miles running, 2 hour 30 min bike, 3200m swimming, 6.5 hours training in total…