Alastair Murray: Training w/c 05.11.12

Alastair Murray: Training w/c 05.11.12

Lunch : 7 miles. Winter Hill. Tried to keep the work rate up a bit. Time 58:38. 1276 FOC.
Strength Work.

p.m. Track. 2.5 mile WU. Session was set as 8 x 1200m. Found I had no pace for the 1200s so stepped down to 800s for last 4 and managed to pick it up, although it was really tough. So 4 x 1200m and 4 x 800m. Total 5.5 miles. 2.5 miles WD.

p.m. 8.5 miles. Around Adlington. Felt the track session but went well. Time 56:51. Pace 6:46. 389 FOC.

p.m. Hills. 1 mile WU. 6 x half foxholes plus 1 x full foxholes. Wasn’t feeling right at the end of any reps – feeling ill and not right – ended up taking it easier on last few reps. 4.5 miles in 36 mins. 3.5 mile WD. Stretched.

Day off – as planned.

a.m. 11.5 miles. Hospital run. 3 miles WU at ~ 75% HR then 3 miles @ 6 min pace then remainder @ ~ 75% HR. Time 1:16:17. Pace average 6:38. 713 FOC. Stretched.
Felt really good from start and enjoyed the 6 min pace but the final 5 over Chorley Old were tough.

a.m. 12.5 miles. Winter Hill and Great Hill. Starting to feel the week’s efforts a bit, but got around without flagging too much. Time 1:46:45. 1509 FOC. Stretched. Felt quite tired the rest of the day.

Weekly Total: – 59 miles. 5500 FOC. 7 hours 39 minutes.