Mid Lancs / UKA Cross Challenge

A Notoriously a fast course and muddy under foot didn’t help any runners out today.
The U13’s girls had done this race last year so they knew what the race was to hold. First home Phoebe Howe with a great performance in 15th overall and 4th Mid Lancs home. Sophie Myers had felt the pace however happy with her 59th and Martha Gill bringing the girls final placing to 74th. In a race with over a 100 runners this has to be a great bench mark for next year as they will still qualify for U13’s.
As for the boys, it didn’t quite go to plan, Nathan & Will Townsend weren’t quite in the zone and mentally prepared when the gun went off. Needless to say their start wasn’t their best. Joseph Howe had the best start but again the pace was relentless. Finishing 31st Nathan was rather disappointed with his day and Will ended up with an injury which he had picked up earlier in the week. Joseph Howe having another respectable day in 36th place.
In the U17’s a big field with again fast pace. Zac Howe being our only member had a challenging time but none the less came in top 100, Zacs opinion, fast just fast.