English Junior Fell race Darwen Gala.

Tony Hesketh has some junior fell runners under him as a coach and at weekend his team did rather well.

In a field of 33 finishers we had 4 runners. In a 2 mile race the pace at the front was fast and hard and the top 9 places were all from different clubs.

Conditions were great and support for the runners was clear as many voices shouted for Horwich all the way around.

First Horwich runner home AND first Lancashire person was Nathan Townsend in 6th place having a storming finish beating 2 of his local rivals on his way down. This gave Nathan the Lancs Gold medal for the boys. His time of 16.33 was a respectable time as he and the RMI junior team never had run this course before.

Next was Phoebe Howe in 10th with a time of 16.57 giving her the silver after just being beat by her local rival.

Will Townsend and Jonathan Powis came home 15th & 16th respectfully excellent runs from both boys who stuck and encouraged each other all the way around.

Albeit these are very respectable time this team will still qualify next year for U12 category as they have all only just turned 11.

There was no team prize but if there had been Horwich would have won first 3 and first 4 home, all in all a great day for the juniors.

Not to be outdone, Jo Howe had a super run in the U14s come in a respectable 15th being our only representative and being the 4th Lancs runner home, marginally missed out on a bronze medal.

This is a show of fine work Tony is doing with the Junior team .

Andy Townsend.