Cross Country News 2009-2010

Horwich RMI had an excellent season last year with the men and male vets both gaining promotion in our first season in the Mid Lancs Cross Country league. We also had male team success in the Red Rose and individual female success with Katie Ingram in the Mid Lancs.

Our decision to focus on the quality competition of the Mid Lancs league will need all our attention next year if we wish to continue our ascent of the divisions and show all the other clubs our desire to not just compete, but to excel.

The ladies teams last year were hit with injury and so we hope for a more than just individual success but team success too.

The club is once again making the Mid Lancs Cross Country league our primary objective this coming season. The dates are available now and are listed below – venues are not yet available, AGM and fixture meeting on 19th August, but get the dates in your diary now!

The Red Rose and South East Lancs leagues the dates and venues are also listed below for completeness and I am very happy to co-ordinate any runners who wish to enter these leagues – but I must stress that the Mid Lancs is Horwich’s primary goal.

**Please note that all Red Rose meeting start at 12.30 now with the U11 with Ladies at 1.20pm and Men at 2pm** Other age group run between these times – don’t be late **

To encourage as many runners as possible to participate in the Mid Lancs league, the club cross country championship will be calculated from the best 4 from all the 6 races.

The club championship race, which has usually been the last of the South East Lancs races, will this year be the Northern Cross Country Championship race which this year is just up the road at Blackburn. Date listed below.

The National Cross Country Championship is this year again up north at Leeds so I will be looking to see if we can turn out some quality at Blackburn and then mix it with the best of the country at Leeds in February. Date again listed below.

Many I wish everyone a good winter season in the circuits of mud, track, gravel and grass around the north this year.

Mid Lancs Dates – Venues TBC
10 Oct
28 Nov
19 Dec Burnley
16 Jan
13 Feb
6 March

Red Rose Fixtures
3 Oct 09 Bury
7 Nov 09 Blackburn
21 Nov 09 Bolton
Sun 6 Dec 09 Rossendale

South East Lancs Fixtures
26 Sept 09 Heaton Park, Manchester
31 Oct 09 Boggart Hole, Salford
28 Nov 09 Clayton Vale, Clayton
6 Feb 10 Lilford Park, Leigh

9th January is likely to be the Greater Manchester / Lancashire etc counties championships races – no details yet

23rd January Northern Championship – Blackburn

27th February National Championship – Leeds

Entry forms will be out as soon as possible – watch this space!!
Get the dates in the diary!!

Peter Ramsdale. Cross Country Captain.