Report – Horwich RMI Harriers North of England Championships and Young Athletes League – Wigan – 21st June

Horwich RMI Harriers had a successful day at the North of England Championships picking up two silver medals.

April Stevenson continued her return to good form following injury. Having comfortably won her 800m heat she ran confidently in the final to record a seasons best of 2.11.41. Meanwhile Jamie Crompton stepped up an age group to take silver in the 1500m. Despite being only 16 Jamie took on the best 17 – 19 year olds in the North over 1500m winning silver in 3.57.96

Many of Horwich’s teenage Athletes competed in the Young Athletes League at Wigan on Sunday. It was a tough fixture with the top three clubs in the league competing however there were a number of great performances from the local team.

Leading the way were the U 13s who set three club records. Laura Taylor smashed the clubs High Jump record and achieved a grade 1 performance whilst Gabrielle Whittle was just outside a grade 1 with her hurdles time. For the boys Nathan Townsend broke one of the clubs longest standing records in the 1500m.

In the U 15 age group Ellen Warburton set a new club record in the Long Jump whilst Jacob Thornton achieved a double first over 400m and 1500m.

Dylan Smith and Benita Cornforth were the clubs most successful U 17s with Dylan gaining maximum points in the Long and Triple jump whilst Benita did the same in the Hammer and shot.


North of England Championships

April Stevenson 800m 2.11.41 2nd
Jamie Crompton 1500m 3.57.96 2nd
Matthew Storey 100m 11.90

Young Athletes League – Wigan

U17 Men A String: 100m 3rd Dylan Smith 11.6; 200m 4th Sam Higgins 25.0; 400m 4th Ola Abidojun 54.8; 800m 4th Zac Howe 2.14.7; 400m H 3rd Lewis Peacock 68.3; Hammer 2nd Callum Smyth 13.57; Shot 3rd Sam Higgins 8.69; Javelin 4th Callum Smyth 19.21; Long Jump 1st Dylan Smith 5.90; Triple Jump 1st Dylan Smith 10.72; 4 x 100m 1st Ola Abidojun, Sam Higgins, Callum Smyth, Dylan Smith 48.1

U17 Men B String: 100m 4th Ola Abidojun 12.0; 200m 3rd Callum Smyth 25.7; Hammer 2nd Zac Howe 12.18; Javelin 2nd Ola Abidojun 18.84; Long Jump 2nd Lewis Peacock 4.89; Triple Jump 1st Lewis Peacock 10.48

U15 Boys A String: 100m 4th Shaun Palmer 13.7; 200m 3rd Matthew Gibson 28.2; 400m 1st Sam Mercer 62.0; 800m 2nd Sam Mercer 2.25.1; 1500m 1st Jacob Thornton 4.53.6; 80m H 1st Shaun Palmer 14.6; Hammer 2nd Adam Taylor 7.64; Discus 4th Jacob Thornton 11.55; Shot 3rd Jack Shaw 6.43; Javelin 4th Sam Mercer 20.16; Long Jump 2nd Shaun Palmer 4.51; High Jump 4th Matthew Gibson 1.35; 4 x 100m 3rd Ryan Ashcroft, Shaun Palmer, Matthew Gibson, Jack Shaw 54.6; 4 x 400m 3rd Adam Taylor, Jacob Thornton, Jack Shaw, Sam Mercer 4.47.7.

U15 Boys B String: 100m 1st Jack Shaw 13.1; 200m 2nd Ryan Ashcroft 29.6; 400m 1st Jacob Thornton 66.1; 800m 4th Adam Taylor 2.45.7; 80m H 3rd Matthew Gibson 17.6; Discus 4th Adam Taylor 11.55; Shot 3rd Ryan Ashcroft 4.82; Long Jump 3rd Ryan Ashcroft 4.06;

U13 Boys A String: 100m 1st Noah Saunders 14.0; 200m Noah Saunders 29.0; 800m 1st Joseph Howe 2.33.0; 1500m 2nd Nathan Townsend 5.03.5 (CR); 75m H 2nd Izaak Dickinson 15.2; Shot 2nd Nathan Barlow 6.55; Long Jump 4th Anthony Hulton 3.55; High Jump 3rd Joseph Howe 1.25; 4 x 100m Noah Saunders, Nathan Barlow, Anthony Hulton, Izaak Dickinson 2nd 58.0

U13 Boys B String: 100m 1st Nathan Barlow 13.7; 200m 3rd Anthony Hulton 32.0; 800m 1st Will Townsend 2.51.7; 1500m 3rd Jonathon Powis 5.57.2; 75m H Thomas Gillett 16.1; Shot 4th Thomas Gillett 4.13; Long Jump 3rd Nathan Townsend 3.29; High Jump 2nd Nathan Barlow 1.15.

U17 Women A String: 100m 3rd Dione King 13.2; 200m 4th Rebecca Buchanan 28.7; 300m 4th Laura Tunstall 47.7; 800m 1st Amy Philpotts 2.28.7; 1500m 2nd Rebekah Atkinson 5.18.0; 3000m 1st Rebekah Atkinson 14.56.0; 80m H 4th Rachel Pearson 15.9; 300m H 2nd Rachel Pearson 55.3; Hammer 1st Benita Cornforth 16.49; Discus 3rd Benita Cornforth 14.36; Shot 1st Benita Cornforth 6.79; Javelin 3rd Laura Tunstall 17.51; Long Jump 4th Rebecca Buchanan 4.04; Triple Jump 4th Rebecca Buchanan 8.59; High Jump 3rd Dione King 1.30; 4 x 100m 3rd Katie Hamblett, Tiffany Dacre, Laura Tunstall, Dione King 55.3; 4 x 300m 1st Laura Tunstall, Rebecca Buchanan, Rachel Pearson, Katie Hamblett 3.19.7

U17 Women B String: 100m 3rd Tiffany Dacre 13.9; 3rd Katie Hamblett 29.6; 300m 1st Katie Hamblett 49.4; 800m 2nd Rachel Pearson 3.14.9; 1500m 2nd Naomi Sivill 6.02.6; 3000m 1st Naomi Sivill 14.56.2; Hammer 1st Vicky Bates 6.09; Discus 2nd Vicky Bates 10.15; Shot 2nd Vicky Bates 4.77; Long Jump 2nd Tiffany Dacre 3.50; Triple Jump 1st Tiffany Dacre 8.04;

U15 Girls A String: 100m 3rd Hannah Storey 13.2; 200m 3rd Hannah Storey 27.4; 800m 1st Kelly Sivill 2.35.6; 1500m 3rd Emma Hargreaves 6.30.0; 75m H 2nd Hannah Storey 13.3; Long Jump 1st Ellen Warburton 4.64 (CR); High Jump 3rd Kelly Sivill 1.30; Discus 4th Georgina Cornforth 12.43; Javelin 3rd Georgina Cornforth 15.61; Shot 4th Georgina Cornforth 6.07; 4 x 100m 2nd Anna Charnley, Ellen Warburton, Beth Miller, Hannah Storey 53.7

U15 Girls B String: 100m 2nd Beth Miller 13.5; 200m 1st Beth Miller 27.7; 800m 3rd Heather Harrison 2.56.2; 1500m 3rd Hannah Cafferkey 6.35.4; 75m H 2nd Ellen Warburton 14.1; Long Jump 2nd Anna Charnley 3.68; High Jump 3rd Beth Miller 1.30; Discus 4th Anna Charnley 10.75; Javelin 4th Anna Charnley 7.37; 4th Kelly Sivill 5.05

U13 Girls A String: 75m 4th Laura Taylor 11.1; 150m 2nd Gabrielle Whittle 21.4; 800m 2nd Pheobe Howe 2.46.9; 1200m 3rd Lucy Philpotts 4.48.5; 70m H 2nd Gabrielle Whittle 12.4 (CR); High Jump 1st Laura Taylor 1.38 (CR); Long Jump 4th Martha Gill 3.58; Shot 4th Natassia Dacre 6.59; 4 x 100m 3rd Sophie Myers, Gabrielle Whittle, Laura Taylor, Katy Bridge 61.0

U13 Girls B String: 75m 3rd Katy Bridge 12.1; 150m 2nd Sophie Williams 23.9; 800m Sophie Myers 2.53.2; 1200m 3rd Kai Fox 4.49.1; 70m H 1st Laura Taylor 13.1; High Jump 1st Martha Gill 1.25; Long Jump 2nd Gabrielle Whittle 3.23; Shot 4th Sophie Williams 5.71