Two Lads Fell Race. – Thursday 18th June.

Twenty seven Harriers’ turned out for the race with our lead runners managing to hold off a strong Liverpool Harriers team by just six points. Alastair Murray (33.45) looked much more focused and relaxed from last night finishing as our first counter in 6th overall and winning the inaugural Steve Barlow Trophy as the first Horwich finisher. Steve Nolan ((34.38) was our second counter, back in his winning vet ways collecting the 0/45 award and first vet of the night, just a few seconds in front of Paul Dugdale, back on his old stomping ground. Our third man Glyn Kay also looked sharper than last night finishing a fine 11th place in 35.31. Denis Mason made up the team and finished well in 13th place for 35.41. Rob Howarth collected the first 0/50
in 15th place, and Tony Hesketh collected the first 0/60.

Really pleased to see Chris Heys racing again and you can tell by his photo that he was too!

Only Michele and Abigali Sunter ran for the ladies, which was a pity that they didn’t have a third lady to make up the team. The weather stayed kind for the field of 165.

Well done to Gordon Stone who collected a Bronze medal in the NW CSSC Championships which were incorporated into the race, he also collected a gold medal for the winning team.


In the Festival Race series after three races, Steve Nolan is winning the vets and lying second overall, keep it going Steve!

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2 Lads