Weekend Snippets


Ian Williams was our first counter on this very tough up and down course running 1.35.53 for 92nd place, then as previously mentioned Suzanne Budgett and Pete Walkington both clocked the same time 1.40.47 for 124/125th places with fourth lady and first 0/45 for Suzanne. Rachel Metcalfe despite going over on her ankles a couple of times finished in 194th place and a time of 1.52.24. Mark Sammon must have found the course tough but did great for his 2.14.59 and 268th place.



A super run from Russell Maddams saw him take second place in this tough half round Keswick, clocking an impressive time of 74.23, this is Russ’s last race before he takes on the Boddington 50k race on the 17th May. Paul Boardman extended his race distance to good effect running 86.47 for 26th place from a field of 492.

Results: http://www.ukresults.net/2009/keswickhalf.html

STUC A CROIN. 14m/5000ft

Only two Harriers made the trip to this British Championship counter, with Dave Milliken having a great run in 22nd (2.19.43) and James Kevan running well off current training for 50th and 2.33.23. The course was typical Scottish terrain with little in the way of good running with James going over on his ankle twice.

Full results at: http://www.shr.uk.com/RaceResults.aspx


An impressive outright win for Stuart Edmundson in this 10 mile fell race, his time of 66.22 was over three minutes clear of Gavin Williams of Dark Peak in second, well run Stuart. Equally outstanding was Mike Crooks 15th place and 1st 0/60 in 76.19

Results at: