April Caption Competition.

Thank you to all those who submitted captions, after much debate the winning entry was from Steve Nolan himself.

Colin says, ‘Cross country isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, I could do this with my eyes shut… (Steve) Me too!

Steve now has four free track sessions. Well done Steve.

The following are a cross section of the captions submitted showing the deviant whit we have in the club.

Colin- Don’t look now Steve but I’ve lost my right shin.
Steve- I’ll shut my eyes, I don’t like blood.

Let’s both close our eyes and make a wish that our other halves will cook tea, was our kit and clean our fell shoes when we get home.

“Hey Col,” we are doing really well, “can’t see anyone in front of us, can you?

Steve says to Col – “Its all downhill to the end now Col”
Col replies – “Bloody hell Steve I’m only 40”

I told you I could beat them with my eyes closed”

“When I click my fingers you’ll both wake up and have a longing desire to be a fell runner!”

I hope that someone wakes us up at the finish!

If we keep our eyes shut this lot behind us will disappear!

Has Norman gone yet?

Okay 118?

Run Forest run!

Colin says to Steve “don’t look now Steve but Ii think they are right behind us ….. “

It wasn’t until lap 3 that Colin opened his eyes and realised that his wig had come off!”

Col. I can run this course with my eyes shut
Steve, Can I try it?

You can spot the true veterans as they can run the course with their eyes closed!”

Click your heels three times and repeat, “There’s no place like home”.

Perfect time for a power nap.

Colin to Steve – Obi One Norman says “Use the Force!”

Caption from the perspective of a TV talent scout
“Look lads – two pointers if you want to stand a chance of starring in the next ad……..
First, remember its 118 118 not 1061 1067
Then – second, check out this u-tube clip. Remember – once you’ve done the bed scene, open you’re eyes when running……”