A message from Neil Critchley

I have been to the Red Rose Cross Country meets this year and would like to give the Horwichs cross country junior team a mention.

Sam Boardman and Cameron Critchley are both securing top 10 spots in 5th and 9th respectively, I would like to mention that after a quarter of a mile on a very boggy surface Cameron lost his shoe, did not stop as he could not see where it went and completed in 16th on the day, one shoe Horwich record to Cameron.

It is getting a more regular occurance but two outstanding performances were given a dent sending athletes the wrong way,losers from Horwich on this occasion Jamie Crompton who was winning his race and Sam Boardman who was a strong 4th in his, well done to Simon Rasleigh and other Horwich Cross Country youngsters who are consistently showing strong performances off the track and road.

Keep it up, a fantastic future ahead I think for Horwich and the Steve Pearson and Ian Smith Dream team of runners.