Under 11’s Track & Field Open Medal Meeting Burnley 15th July 2007

This Open Medal Meeting featured many young talented athletes from Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire and Cumbria, including many “Premiership Clubs”! We managed to turn out 12 athletes on the day. There were some super performances on the day in which we had a host of personal bests and 7new Club Records and considering the wet conditions, that was fantastic!

Our team won 10 medals 2 Gold, 5 Silver & 3 Bronze. Winners are as follows :-

  • Natassia Dacre Shot Putt & Cricket Ball Under 11 Girls
  • Sophie Williams Shot Putt Under 10 Girls
  • Amelia Atherton Shot Putt Under 10 Girls
  • Katy Chadbond 50m, 150m & Long Jump Under 9 Girls
  • Samuel Lunt 75m & 600m Under 10 Boys
  • Jonah Saunders Cricket Ball Under 9 Boys

There were also brave performances from Edward Sutton, Luke Massey, Georgia Chadbond, Noah Saunders, Ellie Dacre & Katie Bridge.

Thank you all for taking part and a BIG thank you to all the parents that helped on the day.



Under 11

Natassia Dacre

600m 2m15.50s New Club Record
Cricket Ball 22.75m 1st
Shot Putt 4.85m 1st & New Club Record

Under 10

Katie Bridge

75m 13.40s
600m 2m26.50s
Long Jump 1.76m

Georgia Chadbond

75m 13.90s
Long Jump 2.51m
Shot Putt 3.14m

Amelia Atherton

75m 14.20s
Long Jump 2.10m
Shot Putt 3.62m 2nd

Sophie Williams

600m 2m19.10s
Shot Putt 4.75m 1st

Under 9

Katy Chadbond

50m 9.0s 2nd & New Club Record
150m 26.20s 2nd & New Club Record
Long Jump 2.55m 3rd & New Club Record

Ellie Dacre

50m 9.80s
Long Jump 2.33m


Under 11

Noah Saunders

75m 11.60s
600m 2m16.70s
Cricket Ball 16.85m

Under 10

Samuel Lunt

75m 12.20s 2nd
600m 1m58.60s 3rd & New Club Record
Cricket Ball 22.44m

Edward Sutton

75m 12.80s
Long Jump 2.68m

Under 9

Jonah Saunders

50m 9.20s New Club Record=
150m 28.10s
Cricket Ball 20.88m 2nd

Luke Massey

50m 9.20s New Club Record=
150m 27.50s
Long Jump 2.03m

M B Dacre
Horwich RMI Harriers