Downhill Race

Downhill Race

The annual Downhill Race took place in its usual location, on 15th September, this year a week after the Horwich beer feastival. This did unsure that all runners, marshals and supporters had no excuse after the race but to go home, as it is a school night!

As start time got nearer the merry band of runners reached a grand total of 11 participants with a wonderful spread of ages (junior men to vet 60) but all of the same gender, male.

First off was race organiser Ali closely followed, well 30 seconds later, by Andy F. “I’ll never catch him” said Andy as Ali disappeared into the distance on a quite misty evening – he did but then…… see later…….

Once all 11 had been set off successfully the time keepers, spare time keepers and supporter all jumped into and onto their mode of transport down to the RMI club. There were cars and bikes – no one sat on the roof…..

First back was Ali in 20.02 and even though he was first back, others could beat his time, so no time yet to celebrate. On the running clock Gary Chadderton was next back in 23.11, Doug Fleming 24.22, Andy Ford 26.27, Dan G 26.33, Albert Sunter 27.04, Tony Hesketh 28.13, Mark Swindell 29.01, Ian Charters 33.00 and then we had a gap. There were two runners still out, the weather was still ok but it was getting darker and our junior Sam W didn’t know the route!!!! Steve Botrill had done the race before. After a nervous wait by Sam’s mum, up he ran from Horwich town centre to finish with a time of 36.00 with Steve B completing the set in 39.55.

All back, no one lost or injured (Steve B did manage to get in a bog up to his shorts) but that just let the presentation. After some time subtractions (no possible on a calculator) Ali had the quickest tine of 20.02 with Gary C doing 21.41 and Albert S 22.04.

Thanks to all who made it possible.

Results below.

Starting order Start Time Finish time Name Cat Running Time
Ali 0.00 20.02 1 Ali 1st Vet 40 20.02
Andy 0.30 26.27 2 Gary 1st Vet 50 21.41
Doug 1.00 24.22 3 Albert 1st Vet 55 22.04
Gary 1.30 23.11 4 Doug 2nd Vet 55 23.22
Sam 2.00 36.00 5 Dan 2nd Vet 40 23.33
Tony 2.30 28.13 6 Mark 1st Vet 45 25.01
Dan 3.00 26.33 7 Tony 1st Vet 65 25.43
Ian 3.30 33.00 8 Andy 1st Sen 25.57
Mark 4.00 29.01 9 Ian 1st Vet 60 29.30
Steve 4.30 39.55 10 Sam 1st Jun 34.00
Albert 5.00 27.04 11 Steve 3rd Vet 55 35.05

I should add here that whilst Albert, Tony and Ali all had Garmin distances of 3.22m, Andy F did an incredible 4.03m so takes the ‘value for money’ prize.
Peter Ramsdale