With both Jubilee and Two Lads races coming up, it’s time again for everyone to muck in and help out our fantastic club race organisers.

If the leafy environs of Rivington Village and the reservoirs are your thing, please contact Andy Townsend to help out at the Junior Street series starting on the 20th May. This is a 1 mile event for ages 7 to 16. So come and help out the next generation of local athletes.

If your preference is for hanging around the bogs and moorland of Winter Hill, please contact Colin Jones to help out at the Two Lads Fell race on 11th June at 7.30 pm.

If you’re an especially good egg, why not help out at both, and enjoy two lovely spring evenings in our local countryside, without all the effort and sweating of actually running.

Andy Townsend – 07980 302124.
Colin Jones – 07773 160675.