vVo2max Training

vVo2max Training

Next week I want to do some testing at the track before the session. The testing is based around vVo2max efforts.

This is a strategy that I favour for distance runners as it trains the body to run as fast and as far as possible using the aerobic energy system. The advantage of this, is that there is no acidosis build up within the muscles until serious effort is required ie. Heart rate 80/85-95% of max.

Distance runners cannot run anaerobically for 5k, 10k etc so the faster they can cover the ground aerobically means they can sustain it for longer.

Once the vVo2max figure is calculated then athletes can do sessions to train this system to improve it. Usually 1 specific session/week. Not forgetting all the other training completed in a week.

I have attached some explanatory notes for anyone that will find it interesting.