Great Hill ‘Fell’ Race

Great Hill Fell Race – Saturday 23rd June 2014

One of the top races of the local fell calendar (*cough*) saw a display of shock and awe dominance with a stellar lineup of (some of) RMI’s finest.

Leading us home was local favourite (judging by the passionate speech given by the RO at the presentation) James Kevan in a record equaling time of 34:35. The record has stood for 18 years, so this was some performance. James – do some training!

In second place was Irish raider Ian Conroy. Ian was disappointed to let his compatriot get the better of him, but on little sleep and jet lag from the trip over, he was happy enough, and felt the can of Carlberg and a new pair of shorts was well worth the trip.

Letting the side down somewhat, but never the less completing the winning team, Alastair Murray came 4th, allowing some bloke from Swinton to beat him, and so missing out on a Horwich 1 2 3. Alastair will now have to stop taunting Ian about never having actually beaten him in a race, and how his Pike Race time is quite poor.

Rounding out the top 5, David Jackson did well to finish having ridden the Tour De France only two days previously. Disappointed that Alastair had finally got the better of him on the fells this year, Dave was quick to remind Alastair of the 8 minute margin of victory at Coniston, rendering him silent once more.

Rounding out the top 10 was fast improving Andy Ford, edging out Graham Schofield, who had decided to make the race tougher by running in his Walshes. Paul Boardman was 15th, having an easier week after last weeks 5 races in five days. Mick Crook took first V65, and Chairman Pete Ramsdale rounded out the club representation, turning up to find out what all the fuss on Facebook was about.

There are some photos kicking about, but I’ll leave you to find them yourselves.