My Mid Lancs XC

Mid Lancs Seniors Men’s Team Champions 2013/14

There’ll be some proper reports along in a while, but I thought I should give my perspective.

Although the run up to Saturdays ultimately crucial race started earlier in the week trying to rustle up a squad, the day itself started at about 4:50 am. I don’t know what woke me but the first thought in my head was about that afternoon’s race. I was already buzzing. A mixture of excitement and dread. What a headcase.

Uncle M was my chauffeur for the trip up to Kendal, and we allowed DJ and Fazz to tag along. I was pretty calm.

We arrived, and I was pumped. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but looking back I think I was acting a little weird(er than normal). I’m pretty sure I gave a little pep talk to everyone. (I think the crux of it was to overtake as many people as possible) Al Pacino was still ringing in my ears. If nothing else I’m sure this was a welcome distraction for everyone from the race ahead.

It was time for the race. We took our places on the most obviously diagonal start line I have ever seen. Pre-race tortoise impression, and we were off. There were Southport Waterloo vests everywhere. Chris was surrounded by 4 of them. We needed to beat Southport. This was bad. So much for easing into it. This was going to hurt from beginning to end.

Details of the race will follow elsewhere. All I can remember is wanting to slow down just a little bit the whole time, whilst Blandy, keeping score, was telling us that we needed to do some overtaking if we were going to win. I kept pushing, telling myself one more lap, one more lap …

The finish line was not as good a place as it could have been. I hadn’t caught the Southport chap in front, even though Belly had, and Chris was convinced we had lost by about 20. As we cheered in the rest of the lads that appeared to be it. However, a glimmer of hope. Blandy totted up his scores and he had us winning by 3. He wasn’t sure. We weren’t convinced. Blandy is an Accountant, but is he any good? We talked about it a bit, and went for a warm down. Blandy went off to bother the results guy.

Returning from our jog, we looked for the results guy’s van, and there was Blandy. Shouting. Arms in the air. Get in! (Blandy had been spot on)

This was a good day. There had been a lot of stress in the build up, but to be there on that day, with those guys, to celebrate the win, was one of the best days I’ve experienced with Horwich RMI Harriers.

Here’s to many more.