Juniors Clean Up at Astley & Rivington

Juniors Clean Up at Astley & Rivington

Horwich Juniors have made the Astley Park & Rivington Jubilee races a resounding success. In the Astley Park series Jonathan Birchall got 2nd overall in the boys series and Penny Townsend taking 3rd in the girls, both running against much older athletes. The club took the honours of taking the series win of 4 out of 4.

Same applied in the Jubilee races taking 4 out of 4 with series wins for Nathan Townsend and Jodie Greenhalgh.

In this series the boys took a series win as did the girls. Notable performances by the Junior Boys in many age grouping the races were; Jonathan Birchall, Lewis Wilkes, Thomas Massey, Luke Massey, Matthew Flatters, Lucas Milliken Isaac Simmonite, Daniel Rowe, Toby Middleton, Jacob Simmonite, Harry Thompson & Ben Faltters Stephen & Robert Brown, Nathan Lancaster, Jake Glendenning.

For the girls; Penny Townsend, Anna Walton, Chloe Russle, Suzanne Simmonite, Jodie Greenhalgh, Abigail Cox.