Fell Championships 2013

The 2013 senior fell championships for both ladies and men will be your best 7 from the follow 15 races, with at least one from each category. (Short, Medium and Long)

The points system is as follows: 15 points for 1st, down to 1 point for 15th.

Results So Far Men Ladies

Senior Fell Championships 2013
Date Category Race
23/02/13 M Flower Scar*
17/03/13 S Wolf’s Pit*
04/05/13 M The Cake Race*
26/05/13 S Saddleworth*
01/06/13 L Duddon
09/06/13 S Knowl Hill*
26/06/13 S Eddies Revenge*
11/07/13 S Bull Hill*
21/07/13 M Kentmere Horseshoe*
27/07/13 S Blisco Dash
03/08/13 L Borrowdale*
10/08/13 M Turner Landscape
21/09/13 L Good Shepherd*
05/10/13 M Saddleworth Edges*
12/10/13 L Langdale Horseshoe

Horwich has been admitted to the Area Fell GP and the races marked above by a * are the 11 races that make up the series. Full details can be found on the Area Fell GP website.