Pike Race Thanks

Pike Race Thanks

Just a short note to say a big thank you to all those who helped make the Senior Pike Race happen this year (I’m sure Pete will be along in a minute to thank those involved in the mammoth effort required to organise 5 junior FRA champs races – well done Chairman)

Being dropped into the middle of it I have appreciated the amount of work put in by many people to ensure this appears (from the outside at least) to go smoothly on the day. That’s many hours work put in over the months before hand by Pete Bland, Pete Ramsdale and Colin Jones. Thanks guys.

The team on the day helped execute their plans. A combination of people who volunteered in advance, the night before, and crucially those that turned up on spec just in case I needed a hand.

Thanks to Sue Townsend (and mum) Anna Keightley, Julie Bower (fantastic registration team), Colin Waterworth (jack of all trades), Andy Townsend, Lawrence Pinnell, Liz Sykes, Trevor Fishwick, Paul Jackson (road closure team), Dave Jackson (road signs man), Steve Thomasson, Stephen Diaz, Nina ?(sorry!), Paul Edmondson, Stuart Edmondson, Andy Porter, Maria Lowe, Sean McMyler, Caroline Brown, Mark Gibson (marshals), Mark Swindell, Kath Swindell, Christa Whatmough, Stewart Westhead, Phil Fleming, Martyn Bell and Gemma Stokes (start / finish team).

Well done all!