Witton Weekend

Witton Weekend

Horwich perform at the highest level

Horwich RMI Harriers turned out in quality and quantity for the first ever Blackburn Fell and Trail relay last Saturday. Each team of three had the same 5k leg with a climb of 300m on the hill of Witton Park.

Horwich turned out 12 teams in the main race with Alastair Murray, James Kevan and Martyn Bell completing the course to win the race by nearly three minutes from the host clubs A team. On leg one Alastair Murray came back in 4th place in 21.38 handing over for James Kevan to move the team through to first place with a run of 21.57 and Martyn Bell increased the lead on leg three with a run of 22.28. The total time was 1:06:01 with Blackburn Harriers in second place in 1:08:59 and Blackburn Vets in third in 1:09:03. In 8th place was the second Horwich team in 1:13:21 (individual results at the end of the report).

Third Horwich team in 12th place was called ‘The Young Ones’ and included 15 year old Nathan Townsend and Dad Andy with Sean McMyler completing the trio. Nathan had the fastest junior run of the day completing the course in a very good time of 25.18. ‘The Young Ones’ had a time of 1:13:56.

Horwich also had teams in 15th, 31st, 36th first Horwich ladies team in 1:20:59, 37th second Horwich ladies team just six seconds behind in 1:21:05 and 38th, 42nd, 60th, 71st – three junior girls and 80th.

The junior event run on a shorter course had three Horwich teams completing. First home and in 8th place overall and third under 12 boys team was the first of the Horwich teams with the second Horwich team in 17th and the first Horwich girls team was 20th overall.

With 15 teams from Horwich out for the day it really show the quality and commitment of the club as we move into the new year.

Team results

1st Alastair Murray 21.38, James Kevan 21.57, Martyn Bell 22.26 = 1.06.01
8th Brendan Bolland 24.29, Stuart Edmundson 24.06, Mike Green 24.44 = 1.13.21
11th Andy Townsend 23.57, Nathan Townsend (U15) 25.16, Sean McMyler 24.43 = 1.13.56
15th Tim Roe 23.53, Glenn Lever 26.16, Carl Balshaw 25.38 = 1.15.47
33rd Billy Martin 26.01, Karl Ward 27.06, Alan Ashley 27.24 = 1.20.31
36th Suzanne Budgett 22.03, Josie Greenhalgh 28.07, April Stevenson 30.49 = 1.20.59
37thRachel Jones 24.48, Lindsey Brindle 25.53, Maria Lowe 30.44 = 1.21.05
38th Gary Chadderton 25.03, Doug Fleming 26.58, Pete Ramsdale 29.37 = 1.21.38
42nd Graham Finch 25.15, Keith Tyrer 29.30, Tony Hesketh 28.28 = 1.23.13
60th Jacqueline Purlan 39.10, Stephen Pearson 31.48, Doug Fleming 28.23 = 1.39.21
71st Jenny Unsworth 36.46, Abby Cox 36.16, Jenny Cox 42.54 = 1.55.54
80th Christian Upton No time recorded, Paul Wilcockson 54.43, Paul Skyes 30.07 NoTotal Time

Junior Results
8th Lewis Wilkes 14.20, Thomas Massey 15.10, Robert Seddon 14.36 = 44.06
17th Sam Twist Stephen Brown Jake Glendenning 15.56 = 47.35
20th Penny Townsend 16.00, Sally Caldwell 16.22, Anna Walton 18.16 = 50.38

Peter Ramsdale

Complete results on uk results site