Gareth Booth Training w.c.12.11.12

Gareth Booth Training w.c.12.11.12

Planned to run an easy week with plenty of easy miles – target was 70miles. Achilles seems fine at 7min pace or slower but any quicker, I can feel slight pain. Feeling really motivated after the weekends Masters XC in Belfast and most keen. Just got myself a poster for the dart board…..

Lunch 5mile – felt really easy at 7min pace
Evening – drove down to warwick for conference next day but managed to get easy 7.5 miles at 7.30 pace.

AM – Got up early and did 4mile – nice and slow. 8min pace

PM – 6mile nice and slow again…felt absolutely great. All easy 8min pace in company! Managed to get someone from the conference out for a run

Am – 5 mile nice and easy again – 8min pace
PM – Got stuck in traffic and tired from journey home! had planned to run hard 2 miles to gym. Set off and felt aweful after 2mins – easy running all the way.
45min spinning.

Thu – gave myself the day off as I could not motivate myself to train! Unusual as did not even feel up for the easy option – Spinning

Fri – Came down with horrendous sore throat and started sneezing at 5am. weekend away in Glasgow – had planned to run the parkrun.

Rest of the weekend was rest and most annoying as I am wanting to build for Clitheroe 10k. No point making myself worse…The cycling was excellent and would recommend it to anyone who has never been. Great atmosphere…and great cyclists!!!

Total – 29.5miles – 45mins spinning ( Dont want to have many bad weeks like this again – hope thats the last cold for 12months). Hope to get back on track next week.