Alastair Murray: Training w/c 22.10.12

Alastair Murray: Training w/c 22.10.12

a.m. 6.5 miles. Over Winter Hill and around. Running slow so missed out 2nd climb of 2 lads. Tough morning run. Time 55:35. 1062 FOC.
p.m. Strength work.

Day off.

a.m. 6 miles. 2 lads, trig point, pigeon tower and pike. A slow morning run. Time 53:41. 1125 FOC.
p.m. 5 miles. On roads around Horwich. 33 mins. 320 FOC. Stretched.
Strength work.

a.m. 4 miles. 2 lads and pike. Very easy. Saving it for hills. Time 40:17. Stretched & Iced Achilles which had flared up slightly.
p.m. Hills. 0.5 mile warm up. Feeling a bit tired going into it, and it showed towards the end of the later reps. 3 x chorley old + 1 x claypool. Time 47:24. Ave Pace 6:50. 1000 FOC. Distance 7 miles. 1.5 mile warm down. Stretched.

a.m. 4 miles. 2 lads and pike. Felt light headed but fresh. Time 38:17. 900 FOC. Stretched.
p.m. No run – stuck at work until late.

a.m. 7 miles. WH, pigeon tower, pike and 2 lads. Feeling tired so a relaxed pace. Time 1:05:57. 1282 FOC. Stretched.

p.m. 14 miles. Flat on roads. Not feeling good and tired all day. Time 1:47:26. Ave Pace 7:40. 650 FOC. Stretched.

Additional Comment.

Weekly Total: – 55.5 miles. 6350 FOC. 7 hours 41 minutes.

A reasonable week considering. Was aiming for a solid 60 miles with two sessions, but missed a couple of runs and track. One or two niggles but keeping on top of them.