RR XC Witton Pk, Blackburn

Plenty of red vests on show today. Four ladies had great runs with Debbie Campbell leading the way followed by Suzanne Budgett, Michelle Devine & Christa Whatmough. Comparably dry underfoot to previous years but still shoes lost during the race. The ‘Teaspoon’ was added as well as the ‘Saucer’ giving us all an extra climb. Looked like we had quite a few men out too but perhaps one of the men in on the action can enlighten on the mens section? Unfortunately Pete Ramsdale was proper sick and was bravely sat tucked away in his car somewhere whilst Christine Ramsdale stood in for him, so mega ‘thanks’ from everyone for all her efforts distributing numbers etc. We all wish Pete a speedy recovery. One to note for older Vet Category men – today some of the older vet men ran with the Senior Women, doing a shorter course than the Senior Men. Unsure whether this is a one off or a permanent fixture. Unable to see anything on Red Rose web but Paul Murray ended up missing his race due to this change. One to watch out for.