A fantastic day in the Lakes was the reward for the eight Horwich Harriers who made up the team for this years running of the Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay.

Kicking us off, in a hastily rearranged running order were the two Micks, Kay and Green, getting the team off to a fantastic start and handing over to Brendan Bolland and the ‘just in time arriving’ Alastair Murray for leg two. The unchanged pair of Chris Heys and Phil Dewhurst took over for the not so long, but tough leg three, passing the baton to Andy Porter and the ‘thought he was spending the day potholing at 8 o’clock that morning’ Colin Jones, to finish us off.

Despite all the moaning by the team captain, it was a grand day out. A big thanks to the whole team for pulling together when it seemed the team was in jeopardy, and in particular to Colin Jones for dropping everything as a last minute (well quite a bit after the last minute) replacement.

Results : http://www.sportident.co.uk/results/2012/IHMR/IHMR-Results-2012.pdf