Northern Road Relays

Northern ladies 6 and mens 12 stage road relays
Saturday 31st March 2012

Ladies​6 x 2.41miles per leg

1 ​Rachel Thompson ​13.33 ​Team Position​ 5th
2​ Lindsay Brindle ​​13.56​​​ 7th
3 ​Michelle Devine​​ 16.11 ​​​10th
4​ Suzanne Budget ​14.54 ​​​10th
5​ April Stephenson​ 15.49 ​​​10th
6​ Maria Lowe​​ 14.24​​​ 10th

An all round strong performance from the ladies and a top result on the day. It was nice to see the team enjoy themselves so much on the day.

Men 6 x 2.41miles and 6 x 4.8miles per leg (odd number legs 4.8m and evens 2.41)

1​ Andy Townsend​​ 26.56 ​Team Position ​44th​
2 ​Tim Roe​​ 13.58 ​​​39th
3​ Martyn Bell​​ 25.42 ​​​38th
4​ Billy Martin​​ 14.39 ​​​38th
5​ Karl Ward ​​28.52 ​​​40th
6 ​Carl Balshaw ​​14.15 ​​​40th
7 ​Alastair Murray ​​26.01 ​​​38th
8​ Tony Hesketh ​​16.05 ​​​38th
9 ​Stuart Edmundson ​​26.58 ​​​38th
10​ Colin Wood​​ 15.50​​​ 38th
11​ Rob Whitaker ​​32.08 ​​​41st
12​ Pete Bland ​​16.44 ​​​40th

A massive thank you to everybody who ran, but a bigger thank you to all the lads who ran at such short notice, like Rob who rushed over from Wetherby at the last minute to run on Leg 11. Thanks also to Pete Ramsdale for bringing the tent and to my missus Jane for helping out on the day with numbers , and babysitting duties etc.
Once again it was a very stressful week for me and Ali as we tried to coax and cajole people to run for the club, we have 200 members but you wouldnt think so when you try and put a team together. The race was advertised on the website front page for at least 6 weeks and I personally e.mailed at least 40 people 6 times but still we were runners short on the Friday. It seems strange that me and Tony are in our 65th years of age and still are running for Horwich in the A Team ( Yes the A Team )
On the plus side we had a great day out, we met runners we hadn’t seen for ages, we chatted to other team members, it was like a festival of running and very enjoyable.

Pete Pland.