Sunday Run – 25th March 2012

Horiwch RMI Harriers Beginners Group Sunday Run

25th March 2012 – Dimple, Witton Weavers and Jumbles

Sunday’s run is a nice and easy relaxed saunter route around Wayoh, Jumbles, and Turton&Entwistle reservoirs – there are two meet up points, which will be the same ones for next Sunday as well – and the choice of doing 8miles, 10miles or 16miles – pace is going to be very steady and the shorter distances are around the reservoirs, which is both quite scenic and flat trail running. We’ve done a similar route last summer a couple of times, but am adding in a bit of new terrain, though with these reservoirs there is only one way to run around them.

Map My Run route

16 miler meet up is Dimpla at 8am, 8/10 milers meet up at Turton&Entwistle Reservoir for 9am, 10milers will run the whole route around all three reservoirs, 8 milers can shortcut back over the embankment and skip running the 2miles around Turton&Entwistle Reservoir.

OS Map Route

The route starts for the 16miler at Dimple, we park in a small sidestreet off the main road, and then head over towards Belmont Reservoir along Witton Weavers Way, turning off and cutting back on ourselves to Turton Reservoir, around the base of Turton Heights and then down to the car park to pick up any 10 miler runners; the rest of the run is around the three main reservoirs here, this is essentially a flat run, but the reservoirs are on different levels and so there are a couple of climbs, but is otherwise a nice easy and quite scenic route.

Meet up is 8am at Dimple for 16 miler,-2.4470

Alternative meet up point is 9am at the main car park for Turton&Entwistle Reservoir,-2.4232

16 miler need trail shoes please, 8/10 milers can use road or trail; everyone should have some kind of light weight waterproofing in case of poor weather, hi viz as a layer should be fine for this run as we are not going up on the fells, and water – 500ml for everyone – jelly babies are also good 🙂

Any questions then please feel free to ask, and please if you are going to come along then drop me either a txt (07530 758186) or email  ( so that I know who is coming.