You may have noticed that a twitter feed has been added to the front page of the website. The intention is to use twitter to briefly report on race results and pictures, and preview upcoming events.

The latest entries on the @horwichharriers twitter feed will always appear front page. If you already have a twitter account, you can follow @horwichharriers to get the latest posts in your timeline, and view older posts.

The most useful feature is the how easy it is to submit postings to appear in the @horwichharriers feed. Just include @horwichharriers in your tweet, and this will be picked up an re-tweeted to appear on the @horwichharriers feed. So if you’ve been out racing, let us know what you’ve been up to with a quick tweet.

The twitter feed will not replace the more detailed articles (so keep them coming) but will complement them with quicker and more immediate links and snippets on what been going on.

This is a bit of an experiment at the moment, and one that will work best with contribution from members, so sign up to twitter, follow @horwichharriers, and get tweeting.

Alastair Murray