London Marathon Numbers 2012

London Marathon Numbers 2012

We have five entries for 2012 London Marathon which the club would like to distribute to members who would like to run.

These entries will be allocated firstly to any club members who entered and were rejected from the London Marathon public ballot, with a draw being made if there are more than five claims made. If there are any remaining entries then these will be allocated to any club member who wishes to run, again with a draw being used if there are more claims that entries left available.

If you wish to claim a club place for the 2012 London Marathon then please email Alison Gordon (

with your contact details and whether you have applied and been rejected or not; the closing date is 31th December 2011.

Please note that these club places are allocations of numbers and there is the standard entry fee payable for the London Marathon.

People will be notified in early January on the outcome as entries need to be submitted by mid January.

Peter Ramsdale