87th Annual Horwich AGM

87th Annual Horwich AGM

18th October 2011 Arena 8pm

Below is the agenda for the AGM but I would like to bring to you attention the positions of Vice Chairman, Treasurer and two ordinary committee members that are vacant on the 2011-12 committee.  To continue to allow the club to function as smoothly as possible we would like to fill the positions.  You need not have experience of anything special just an interest in helping your running club.  The treasurer’s position does not require a certified accountant, just someone who can add up and do the occasional subtraction – bit simplified but there are people who will help you get settled.  The two ordinary members do not need attend all committee meetings, but feel that they would like to help in some small way. Think about it.

Agenda for AGM



Matter Arising

Financial Statement

Committee Reports

Election of Officers

Life Membership Proposals

AOB – none submitted

Date of next AGM (Oct 2012)