Horwich RMI Harriers Trail & Fell Relay

Horwich RMI Harriers Trail & Fell Relay

Sunday 23rd Oct Training with Attitude

This is to be a mixed team relay training event with prizes for the best teams

Mixed Teams of 6 over 4 legs

Leg 1 individual runner (aprox 8k) Start car park opp Rivi School 635 129 to Layby 616179  Runners must visit Castle and use trails

Leg 2 Pairs  (aprox 12k) from layby to White Coppice to Great Hill, Piccadilly return to Great Hill then to Horden Stoops 655158

Leg 3 Individual 9 (aprox 12k)  From Horden Stoops  to gate at top of ramp (memorial for plane crash 662147) return to layby 616179 via Horden Stoops, Great Hill & White Coppice.

Leg 4 Pairs (aprox 8k) Return to start by reversing leg 1 via castle to car park 635129

Runners may run more than 1 leg but can only be the nominated team runner for 1 leg and can accompany the team runner/s

Each team must provide a baton which is a bum bag with map plus 4 pins for your number.  There will be no computerised times so keep your own time.  Each team will be timed for an overall time.

Min age 14  and must be accompanied leg 1 and 4 only


1st team max 2 men         1st team max 2 women

1st Family (may be a combination of 2 families min 2 from each)

Highest combined age of all 6 team members

Youngest combined age of all team members (min age 16)

First ringers team (max 3 non RMI members)

This is to be a training event for RMI club members Presentation  tba

Start time  10.00    Presentation  from 13.00    Entry fee £1.00/person plus a give away prize/team