London Marathon 2011

London Marathon 2011

Sunday 17th April 2011

The club had a total of six runners in this years London marathon who joined nearly 35,000 others who successfully completed the 26 miles (and 385 yards) around London.

Name Time Position
Gareth Booth 02:50:06 471st
Martyn Bell 02:55:49 734th
Ian Hamer 03:11:19 1893rd
Sean McMyler 03:13:24 2088th
Christine Boardman 04:40:30 18,911th
Julie Williamson 04:56:35 22,743rd

Ian Hamer

Third time having done pb there in 1993 2.28.42

Did it because was 50 last friday and set as a personal target 3 yrs ago to get fit enough again. Did Chester to get a good for age time last year achieved that just in 3.13.30.

This time was fit enough to get 3 hrs in my mind having done 1.23 in a half 3 weeks ago.

Disappointed that didnt do that I was comfortable to 21 miles going through in 2.26 but then hit a brick wall in what felt like punishing heat. A few 9.30 minute miles and then gradually pulled it back to 8 minutes a mile for last two finishing on my watch in 3.11.30. I remember wondering do I really want to this again next year as I finished -but that 3hr target is still there.

The crowds were fantastic as ever and I dont think I would have finished but for their cheering and support


London was my first ever marathon and i ran 2hrs 55mins 49 secs.

I am planning to run again but need to lose 20 lbs as far too heavy for this distance thus affecting my times. Overall a great atmosphere and the experince gained is invaluable.


Yes loved it! Really greatful to the club for one of the places. Thought it was well organised for such a big race. The numbers of people made the actual running difficult at times, but crowd support was excellent. Happy enough with my time considering the lack of training at times 4:56:35 so just got under 5hrs. 25 mins better than previous marathons.

Julie Williamson

Gareth Booth

Christine Boardman

Martyn Bell

2012 Entries

For anyone who is interested in running in the London marathon then the public ballot for 2012 opens on the Tuesday 26th April 2011, immediately after the Easter holidays.

See the Virgin London Marathon website for more details:

Club places for next year will be allocated first to those who were rejected from the public ballot, and so its recommended that you enter via the public ballot even if it is just to get a rejection.