MTW Report – Team 48 – mixed

Firstly, on behalf of the Club, welcome to debutants Debbie Campbell & Rachel Jones. I know they’ll both be a welcome asset to both the ladies section & the Club.

Team 48 was started by Paul Murray & Geraldine Walkington who both put in a sterling performance after what I know was a very, very early get up! Thanks folks. A later text sounding pleased with the days performance simply stating ‘all done & dusted’, indicative of satisfaction. A further text received from Paul also expressing his days’ enjoyment – a pleasure to have you in the team Paul. They handed over to Sean McMyler & Rachel Jones who both having done this route in a previous life, kicked themselves for missing a turn which took the wrong route up a hill putting a further half mile on their run – easily done folks! They both still managed to pass teams that they had previously passed so it just shows the pace they were going at. Leg 3 saw Tony Hesketh & Pete Ramsdale pass a further six pairs running a well judged leg, appreciative of their recce the previous week. They handed over to Pete Bland & Rachel Metcalfe. Their report read as follows –

“I don’t think either of us were sure how we’d fare on this leg as Pete is in full training for his Berlin Marathon and I don’t do anything involving speed – if I can help it! As it happened, I don’t think we could’ve been better paired, with me being at little stonger at the start while Pete warmed up. He finally turned from a freezing blue to a normal colour after about 2 miles. With me then chasing him down for the final few miles, Pete said he knew I was working hard as I was unable to chatter along in my usual style. We overtook eight pairs along the way and both felt pleased with our time of 47:18 mins and a leg position of 41.”

The final leg was run by Suzanne Budgett & Debbie Campbell. A new pairing and a first fell relay for Debbie saw Suzanne drifting off Debbie’s tail over the long drag over Rooley Moor but making ground up on the rugged descents. Debbie was a pleasure to run with, staying so intensely focused she couldn’t quite believe it when I informed her we were only about 15 minutes off the finish.

A great team effort by all saw mixed team 48 finish 46th overall out of 101 teams and 7th mixed team out of 20. All pairs gained places with each stage ran. Thanks to all for getting on with the task in hand and making organinsing so painless. Next relay date 10th May, Calderdale Way.