Calderdale Way Relay


Firstly i’d like to say a big thank you for the tremendous response the team captains have had from members wanting to run. We started this process thinking we would struggle to get one team out and in the end we have three at the moment, and could have easily filled another team with the reserve list. This also means I have to apologize to all those who, at the moment, are not getting a run. I have entered a 4th team in the Pennine Bridleway Relay in January, so hopefully everyone who wants a run will get a run in that.

The selected teams as they stand are listed below. Click on the ‘Leg’ to download the map and route details, and click here for an overview map.

Horwich Open A Horwich Open B Horwich Mixed
Leg 1 James Kevan
Gary Priestley
Doug Fleming
Gary Chadderton
Suzanne Budgett
Dionne Allen
Leg 2 Colin Rigby
Brendan Bolland
Mark Seddon
Phil Dewhurst
April Stevenson
Chris Heys
Leg 3 Martin Jones
Paul Muller
Pete Bland
Pete Ramsdale
Mary White
Margaret Huyton
Leg 4 Dave Milliken
Alastair Murray
Brian Walton
Rob Haworth
Julie Haworth
Michelle Devine
Leg 5 Mick Green
Stuart Edmondson
Karl Ward
Antony McKenna
Rachel Metcalfe
Geraldine Walkington
Leg 6 Martyn Bell
Gareth Booth
Billy Martin
Simon Parkinson
Angela Allen
Danielle Allen
Reserves Mark Burns

If you are down as a reserve but would prefer not to be, please let me know.