So far we only have three ladies who have sent in entries for this years cross country league.  This is disappointing given the amount of female runners we have.  We really need to have the support from as many ladies as possible – even if you can’t do them all, your support at any race WILL count.  To enter a series is far less expensive than entering races individually.  We need all our ladies out in numbers to have the desired impact.   Please do not think that you are ‘not fast enough’ or ‘run too slow’.  Please banish all these thoughts from your head.  The ladies section needs you.  Cross country’s are great for your training & are always good on the social front too.  Even if you’ve never done any races before, cross country’s are a great introduction without being intimidating.
It is not too late to get a last minute entry to Pete Ramsdale for the cross country leagues but please be quick in sending one to him.