Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay

Sunday 3rd October 2010.

The club managed to get three teams out for this years Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay, which was in no small part due to the efforts of Suzanne Budgett, Colin Jones, Martyn Bell and Alastair Murray.

The weather forecast for reasonable weather turned out to be completely wrong and it was clear as runners set off for the Lake District that it was going to be a wet day with good navigation being an essential skill.

Leg 1 runners seemed to have the best deal, as they were able to get the running out of the way and not resort to squeezing into phone boxes and any other shelter available trying to figure out when their team mates would arrive, and how brief a warm up they could get away with.

The lucky ones for the Open Men’s Team were Brendan Bolland and Mick Green, who emerged from the clag after descending Read Screes to Kirkstone in 17th position to hand the baton to Stuart Edmundson and Alastair Murray from leg 2 over High Street to Hartsop. Some good navigation to the second checkpoint on Caudale Moor was soon forgotten when leaving the checkpoint in the wrong direction resulted in minutes lost. Luckily some of the following teams made the same mistake. The hand over to Martyn Bell and Paul Muller put them in 13th position for leg 3. After the short fast leg via Angle Tarn the baton passed to James Kevan and Dave Milliken at Patterdale for the final Leg. Once again the conditions played a part making navigation very difficult. James and Dave completed the circuit for the team, returning to Sykeside Campsite in 18th position, the race taking a total of 4:31:46.

The Vets Team started off with Pete Ramsdale and Colin Jones who handed over to Paul Murray and Mick Crook for Leg 2. Arriving at the changeover at Hartsop in 60th position, Ian Charters and Tony Varley maintained position to hand over to Albert Sunter and Rob Haworth for the final leg. Albert and Rob brought the team home in 54th position, and 11th in category.

A few words from Suzanne about the ladies team:-

“Big thanks to all the ladies who turned out on this very wet, cloudy day. The weather made navigating even trickier, not just for the ladies but apparently wasn’t without its problems for the men too. It was great to once again see the ladies out sporting their usual good spirits, enthusiasm and camaraderie. I know contrary to whatever fitness levels our ladies are currently at, they always give it their best shot on the day and you can’t ask for any more than that. The team was set off by Geraldine Walkington & Suzanne and although Geraldine’s currently struggling with injury she threw herself down Red Scree with admirable bravery & skill whilst I wimped behind. We handed over to Emma Perrin & Ros Murray (who’s also carrying a knee injury. The girls’ are such troopers!). Under the expertise navigation of Ros, Emma made her second trip, different leg, to the Ian Hodgson. This was the first meeting for this pair and they can be highly commended for a great team effort on such a rotten day. Leg 3 saw another new pairing with a debut outing for Claire Burns after the birth of her son & Margaret Huyton. Both can be applauded just for being so full of enthusiasm after the race let alone their great effort for our team. The glory leg was down to the effervescent Julie Haworth & Rachel Metcalfe who managed to have the only dry leg of the day. Well done to them both for another great run.

It was great to see a ladies team out again after what seems to have been a bit of a ‘lull’ within the ladies section. I would like to thank all for being so helpful whilst putting a team together. I’m very hopeful that we can get 12 ladies out for the Calderdale Way Relay on the 12th December. I know Alastair has already received several volunteers in response to his request but we do still need more ladies, so please don’t be shy in coming forward.”

On behalf of all the team captains a big thanks to all who ran, especially those who were carrying injuries or illness, or who ran despite not being entirely convinced this was their thing. Some good club spirit!

Last but not least we should say a big thank you to Jon Broxap, Andrew Schofield and everyone involved in ensuring that this premier event continues.

Full results and splits.