Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay – 3rd October

Race details

  • Date & time: Sun 3rd Oct 2010 at 09:30
  • Country: England
  • Category: Relay
  • Distance: 25m
  • Climb: 8500ft
  • Venue: Sykeside Camping Park, Brotherswater.
  • Skills & experience: ER, LK, NS
  • Age info: Leg 3 over 16 if partner over 18; other Legs over 18.

Teams are still required

Ladies are still required to make the final team up for this prestigious fell relay.  Please contact Suzanne.

We are still looking for runners to complete the Mens vets team for the Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay on Sunday 3rd October. Anyone interested in running can contact Colin Jones on 07773 16067

Leg details

Leg 1 Sykeside Camping Park, Brotherswater 403118
1a     Large Pile of Stones 372109
1b     Red Scree, small tarn, N.E. side 396088
Finish: Kirkstone Car P~ark

Leg 2 Kirkstone Car Park 401082
2a     Cairn, South end, Ravens Edge 405082
2b    Caudale Moor, samll tarn south side 415101
2c    High Street, summit cairn (manned) 441111
2d    The Knott, Summit 437127
Finish: Sheep Pens, Hartsop 412129

Leg 3 Sheep Pens, Hartsop 412129
3a     Path / stream junction 422131
3b     Angle Tarn, E. Penninsular (manned)
Finish: Playing Fields, Patterdale 392161

Leg 4 Playing Fields, Patterdale 392161
4a     Stile over wall. Thornhow End 386154
4b     Summit, St. Sunday Crag 369134
4c     Hart Crag (manned)
Finish: Syke Side Camping Park, Brotherswater 403118